Take the quiz to find the best Amazon Fire tablet for you

Amazon Fire Tablet Quiz


Amazon's tablets are well known for being excellent value for money, even their most expensive tablet is well priced. So we think it is worth dedicating a quiz to the Fire tablets, we hope you do too. We look at all Amazon's available tablets and compare them to your answers to find out which one you should buy.

Which of Amazon's Fire tablets should I buy?

Click start and answer the multiple choice quiz to find out which of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets is perfect for your needs and budget. We research all the Fire tablets to be able to advise you on the best choice for you.

All of Amazon’s tablets have been included in the quiz. From the cheapest tablet, the Fire 7″ all the way to the 10″ Fire tablet. Looking at all the specifications and testing them we are able to tie them to simple, non technical, questions so as to make the quiz as easy as possible.

How does the kindle fire tablet quiz work?

Our algorithm coupled with the right questions allow us to analyze your answers, to narrow down the requirements for your tablet to just one. The perfect one for you. After only a few questions we will be able to show you the best tablet for you.

New Kindle Tablets came out a few times a year and so the quiz has been built to evolve with new updates, when the next generation of Fire tablets come out we will update and redevelop the Kindle Fire comparison quiz. Therefore the quiz will remain relevant and helpful to you.

Once you have answered the Kindle Fire tablet finder quiz, we will take you to the tablet that is perfect for you. On this result page you will be able to see specifications for the tablet and a video review of it. As well as that there is a link to see customer reviews and pricing of the tablet.