Apple AirPods Quiz

Take the AirPods Quiz to find out which AirPods are the best for you

Apple AirPods Quiz


We compare all of Apple’s AirPods to your answers to find out which headphones are best for you. 

We keep this quiz regularly up to date so if Apple updates features or brings out a new version the quiz will be updated to reflect the changes.

Choosing The Best AirPods For You

The good news is that there are not too many to choose from! As there are many different features to Apple's truly wireless headphones range we think you should still think carefully about which best suite your needs. Below we list a few of the features that ought to be considered.

We currently have in the quiz: the AirPods Max, AirPods Pro gen 2 and the AirPods 3rd and 2nd generation.

Noise Cancelling - On the AirPods Max and Pro

The main feature of Apple's higher end headphones is the impressive noise canceling technology. For some of you, particularly those that travel, this is a key feature. Apple has really impressed users and reviewers alike with the level noise they are able to block out. 

As well as the active noise canceling, both the AirPods Pro and Max also offer some passive noice cancelling due to the earbuds the create a seal around your ear canal.

Wireless Charging - AirPod Case

Wireless charging has been integrated into the charging case of both the upgraded AirPods as well as the Pro variant. How important this feature is is a matter of how you normally charge up your devices, and if you are willing to pay more for this convenience.

We personally think that this is not a vital feature, however all the charging cases have a lightning connector, something that Apple should be fazing out. So if you either don't have devices with a lightning port or you have started to use wireless charging already then maybe it is worth while. 

Sweat and Water Resistance

Apple have confirmed that their Pro headphones are sweat and water resistant, but remained quiet about the regular AirPods. However according to many users the original AirPods have survived many tough workouts.

So it may really be down to the sport / exercise you plan on doing with the headphones, as well as how much you sweat!

Lastly - The Price

All the AirPods come with quite a hefty price tag, with the Pro being significantly more. With more features packed into the smaller form we are not surprised. For many of you the features offered are worth the extra investment. But if you are not fussed about noise canceling and like the fit of the original AirPods then you might want to forgo the extra expense.

There are many more features we could list above, and for sure we have considered them in the quiz, but we think these are the most important elements you should look at when making the decision. But we take all these considerations and put them neatly into our AirPods comparison quiz, so just take it to find out which is for you!