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Action Camera Quiz


Let’s face it, GoPro are the most popular action camera, mention action camera and the first you'll think of is a GoPro. And for good reason, they have dominated the action camera market since its inception. That's not to say that there are no other options, there are plenty. In fact there are quite a few now and they are competitive. This market dominance has actually sparked some innovation in new features by their competitors. We have the latest and best action cameras in our quiz. When you answer the quiz we analyse your answers to instantly find the best action camera for you.

Okay so there's GoPro, but what other companies make action cameras?

It used to be that the first brand anyone thinks of when action cameras are mentioned is GoPro. For a long time they have been the market leader, with all other companies playing catchup. There have been companies that have come and gone, dipping their toe in and out again fairly quickly.

The likes of Nikon, Garmin, and Kodak have all tried their hand, and while none have officially given up there seems to be no new products from them for several years.

A few companies have now carved their way into the market. DJI, the drone maker, and Insta360 have come in swinging, as well as Sony who has carved a section into the high end filming niche. And Ricoh focusing on the 360º camera market.

All this makes it harder for you to decide on the best action camera for you. If you don’t know which brand of action camera you need then no worries, we can help you decide. If you do, then just select the brands you are interested in during the quiz and it will filter out the action cameras you are not interested in.

How do I decide on which action camera to buy?

To decide on what action camera to buy, you must first decide on how you are planning on using the action camera. Most action cameras are rugged, but some are not. Sony’s cameras don’t have the rugged build that a GoPro has, but it has been more designed to focus on cinematic filming, for tight spots where a normal camera would be too big, or for vlogging.

There are now a whole range of 360 cameras, for all budgets. This footage can be processed into a regular viewing angle offering features like image stability, and post process panning.

There are many different options to suite all use cases. This quiz will show you what action camera is perfect for you. We will assess your needs and budget to work out what not only is the best for you but also the best value for your money.

In this comparison quiz we have selected the best available action cameras. Some of the brands that we have compared and have put into the comparison quiz are: GoPro, DJI, Sony, Insta360, and Ricoh. Once you have answered the quiz we will be able to show you the best action camera for your needs.