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Action Camera Quiz


We have the latest and best action cameras in our database. When you answer the quiz we analyze your answers to instantly find the best action camera for you.

What action camera is best for me?

The first camera anyone thinks of when action cameras are mentioned is GoPro. For a long time they have been the market leader, with all other companies playing catchup. There are other brands to consider from big name competitors like Sony, Nikon and Garmin. The latest to enter the fray are DJI a drone maker.

But this just makes it harder for you to decide on the best Action Camera for you.

Action cameras are compact and rugged so it makes sense that the trend for most new action cameras is to be waterproof without a plastic housing.

In this finder quiz we have selected the best available action cameras. Once you have answered the finder quiz we will be able to show you what the best action camera for you is.

How do I decide on which action camera to buy?

This short quiz will show you what action camera is perfect for you. We will assess your needs and budget to work out what not only is the best for you but also the best value for you money. There are quite a few different action cameras currently on the market. We have gone through them all to find you the best on the market.

In this comparison quiz we have selected the best available action cameras. Some of the brands that we have compared and have put into the comparison quiz are: GoPro, DJI, Veho, Sony, Nikon, Polaroid, TomTom and Garmin. Once you have answered the quiz we will be able to show you the best action camera for your needs.

How does the action camera finder work?

The questions that we ask all have multiple choice answers. This allows us to get accurate answers while saving you time on answering the quiz. We feed your answers to the multiple choice quiz into our smart algorithm. We are then able to almost instantly work out what the best action camera will be for you. With every question answered we are able to more accurately work out which camera will best suit your needs.

New action cameras are coming out all the time. We keep this finder quiz up to date so that you are only ever recommended the best and newest cameras on the market.

The action camera finder quiz, once answered, will take you to the action camera that is right for you needs. On this page will be a list of specifications, a video review and a link to see reviews and prices.