Acer Laptop Quiz

Take the quiz to find out which Acer laptop is best for you

Acer Laptop Quiz


Acer have a wide range of laptops, for both Windows and Chrome operating systems. Some are built for Gaming and others for working. We have found the best they offer for all needs and budgets and added them to our quiz. To find out which one you should buy take our Acer laptop quiz.

Types of Acer Laptops

Acer have given brand names to their core ranges. These names denote what the intended use the laptop is built for.

The Aspire range are built around a classic laptop style, a fairly sturdy build, and offer a range of performance. Acer Aspire laptops are focused around work and studdy.

The Swift range are slim and light, a more stylish version of the aspire range, they compromise a bit on power to the benefit of portability. Again Acer Swift laptops could be a good work / study laptop, and suites someone who travels with laptop regularly and doesn't need too much processing power.

The Spin laptops are also similar to the Aspire, however these laptops have a touchscreen and the keyboard can be folded back to use the laptop as a tablet or in "tent" mode to do things like watching films, drawing, or giving a presentation. This laptop is a bit more geared towards creatives, as well as those who are looking to use the Acer Spin as a media device.

However if you are a full time creator then it is worth considering Acer's ConceptD range, probably their most innovative range, these laptops are built for those looking for a powerful laptop that allows them to sketch out and model 3d objects.

Acer also offers two ranges of gaming laptops, the Nitro range, and the Predator range. Nitro laptops are geared more towards casual gamers, gamers who are wanting to use the device for other uses as well as gaming. The Predator range however are designed for gamers, while you can use them for all your regular laptop uses, buyers of these laptops are getting them for the raw gaming power you can get from it. Both Nitro and Predator look like gaming laptops, although Nitro are a bit more toned down. But the build of a Predator laptop is entirely focused on gaming performance, from a thicker laptop body to allow a greater air flow to the keyboard layout, specifically adjusted to benefit gaming.

Acer also has a range of Chromebook laptops, some classic some convertible. These laptops are low powered and are best for students on a budget and children. They are good for reading, editing documents and browsing the internet. Based on a cloud platform they are low powered and constantly backed up. The low power gives them a good battery life, and most are good for an all day battery life.

In the quiz we allow you to narrow down your options by brand, so if you already know which type of Acer laptop you want you can select it.

Take the quiz to find out which Acer laptop is best for your needs and budget.