Logitech UE BOOM vs MEGABOOM Quiz

Take the quiz to find out if the Megaboom or the Boom is best for you:

Using our algorythm we compare your answers to the Boom and Megaboom's features to find out which one is best for your needs.


Logitech’s ultimate ears boom has widely been considered the best portable speakers at a decent price. But now there is the larger UE megaboom available.
Which one is better? Our boom 2 vs megaboom comparison quiz can tell you!
They may look similar, but they have a few vital differences. This comparison quiz has been created with these differences in mind. You don’t need to do any research, we have already done all this! The boom 2 versus megaboom comparison finder asks a few multiple choice questions. It will find out exactly what is perfect for you.
The comparison quiz does not ask any technical questions. They are all designed so you don’t need to have any prior knowledge on the Boom 2 and MegaBoom. The quiz analyzes your answers and quickly tells you if you are better suited with the Boom 2 or MegaBoom. Once you have answered this quiz we will take you to which speaker we think you should get. This page we will show you the UE Boom 2 or UE MegaBoom, its specifications and video review.