Kids Tablet Quiz

Take the quiz to find out which tablet you should buy for you child:

Comparing your answers to the best kids tablets available we will instantly work out which one you should buy.


Finding a tablet for yourself is hard enough, but finding a tablet for your kid can be even harder. There are many features to choose from. Some of the key features are: parental controls, speed, durability, educational software. The tablets we have selected to be in the quiz are the current best children’s tablet on the market.
There are a few brands to choose from. LeapPad stands out, a company that specialise in children’s tablets. Amazon, however are beginning to dominate the field. It is well known for it’s Kindle Fire series, well priced, and have parental control features that make it well suited for some children. The Kids Fire tablets have no hassle warranties on it, for peace of mind. As well as the LeapPad Range and the Amazon Fire Tablets we also recommend a few of the iPads and a few other tablets.
Some of the tablets are kids editions of the original tablet. So you are getting the same quality tablet with software and often a bumper designed for a child.
We have also looked at all the many features offered by each tablet. From quality of educational apps and games to warranties offered for accidental damage.
Take the quiz to find out which is the best tablet for your child.


The multiple choice quiz, once answered, calculate the best tablet for you kid. Once you have answered the 5 quick multiple choice questions (it should only take a little over 1 min) we will be able to work out the best tablet for you.
We keep the kids tablet quiz up-to-date with all the latest kids tablets that come out. We do this so that you get shown only the most relevant tablets on the market.
Once you have answered the kids tablet quiz, we will take you to the tablet that is perfect for you. On this result page you will be able to see specifications for the tablet and a video review of it. As well as that there is a link to see customer reviews and pricing of the tablet on Amazon.