Garmin Approach Watch Quiz

Take the quiz to find which of Garmin's golf watches are best for you:

Golf may be a competition, but it's more of a competition against yourself. Using a golf watch allows you to track your improvements and find new ways to develop your ability. Take the quiz and we will help you to find the best Garmin golf watch for you.

Selecting the best Garmin Approach Watch

Many of Garmin's wearables have golfing features added into them, but they also have a core range of watches called Approach that specialise in golfing.
There are 5 watches currently available, in 3 distinctive styles. The advanced S60 has a round face and is the most smartwatch like Approach watch. The S10 and S20 both have a square black and white screen, with similar looks to the Forerunner 35. The other two, the X10 and X40, take on a fitness tracker style, slim and has a small strip for a screen.
Which Approach golf watch you should get depends on what features are most important to you and how much you want to spend.

Garmin Connect App

Garmin's app and integrated website is one of the key reasons to be considering an Approach watch. The watches sync up to the app, allowing you to go over your session and see your improvements, stats, and compare your score to others on the same course.

Accessories for the Approach

There are two accessories you can get to work with your watch, allowing you to get the most data. The Approach CT10 is an automatic club tracking system, which allows your watch to know what club you are using without having to select it. You can use this to work out how you use each club and allow you to know the best club for each shot. The other accessory is the TruSwing, which also attaches to your club. It measures everything to do with your shot, enabling you to know where you could improve.

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