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Running Watch Quiz

Running Watch Comparison

This quiz will help you find out what running watch you should buy.

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Which running watch should I should buy?

By answering the questions on this quiz, we will be able to work out what running watch will be best for your needs. There are many brands competing to have the best running watches on the market. We are constantly going through all the watches that are available. Then we add the ones worth getting to the results list. Many things are considered in selecting the best watches, including their battery life and the level of features offered.

We look at many brands of running watches, some of the companies we have included are: Garmin, Polar, Microsoft, and Fitbit. Only the best have been added for different uses. We have selected these running watches so that we can find the perfect one for you given your requirements.

How does the running watch finder quiz work?

After you have answered the quiz, the smart algorithm will analyze your answers almost instantly, and give you a result. The 5 questions will allow us to find out what is best for you. Every question answered helps us to work out what your requirements are. Once you have answered the questions, we will be able to work out what is the perfect running watch for you.

All the watches are the best currently on the market. Some of the standard features included on all the running watches are a heart rate feature (although, some can be bought without this feature) and GPS. You will only be recommended the most modern running watches on the market.

The running watch finder quiz, once answered, will take you to the running watch that is ideal for you. On this page will be a list of specifications, a video review and a link to see reviews and prices.