iPad Comparison Quiz

Take the quiz to find out which iPad you should get:

We compare all the latest Apple iPads and analyze your answers to work out which iPad you should buy. Asking the right questions allows us to instantly work out which iPad is best for your needs.


After answering a few questions about how you will be using the iPad. Then we will process the questions and then recommend what is best for you. As well as the Pro models, there are also previous generations still for sale. The older Air 2 has been changed to just “the iPad” – cleaner. The iPad mini is also still alive and kicking. So there are many products available and hard to decide on which iPad to buy. Using our expert knowledge and easy to use quiz we will find what is the perfect tablet for you.
The latest iPad is not always the best one for you as they are more expensive and may be just as useful as an older model.
What we tell you to get will depend on your answers given. We compare these iPads: Pro 12.9inch and 10.5inch, regular 9.7 (previously titled the air), and mini 4 as well as all the different memory configurations.


This can really be a tricky one to decide upon. The regular iPad is quite a bit cheaper, and does almost as much as the Pro models. So if you are trying to save some money then the regular model will offer most of the features for half the price. If you are looking to using it as a laptop replacement, then there are quite a few features. It may be worth considering the extra cost. Keyboard case and Apple “pencil” as well as surround sound. There are tons of features that could be worth it for you.


Well this depends on how much you are planning on using the iPad, and what you are using it for. Many things will take up space on the tablet, these include apps, photos, videos, etc. . We will help work out which is best for you. If you already know how much memory you would like, you can just ignore that part of the result!


The algorithm in our quiz allows us to work out what you need depending on the answers you give. The 5 questions while short is enough to find exactly what is the best tablet for you.
Every time a new Apple iPad tablet comes out we update the quiz to include the new iPads. This way the quiz stays relevant and useful for you.
After you have given all the answers, you are then forwarded to the best iPad for your needs. The result page you show you specifications for the tablet and a video review of the Apple iPad. There is also a link to see customer reviews and pricing of the tablet.